Our Mission

To develop wholesome and tasty foods that  promote energy for the body. We do this with the use of natural products.  We believe in lessening THE INTAKE OF PRESERVATIVES, SWEETNERS AND CHEMICALS.

Great Gaines, LLC. is a Rhode Island based company providing food manufacturing and product development of all natural frozen fruit and vegetable smoothies on a stick and gluten- free 100% whole grains frozen Gainenoli shells filled with smoothies for the health conscious consumer on the move.

 CONCEPTS2Vision Statement

To become a premier company for natural snacks

—Religious Diets (i.e., Daniel Fast)

—                 Our National School Lunch Programs

—Adult Daycare/Nursing Homes

—Health Clubs



  • Great taste
  • Nutritious
  • Source of natural fiber
  • Low in fat & sodium
  • Naturally sweetened, no added sugars
  • No artificial colors/flavors

What’s in our Products?

what's in our products